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Key People

Steven Kenny Chairman and CEO

Mr. Steven Kenny, Founder, Chairman and CEO of SK Medical Practice, developed a small business idea into a prosperous commercial company, providing employment and considerable revenue. His dynamic attitude has raised the bar for other businesses within the industry… that strive and seek to become as successful.

He always invests both energy and finance into advancing his company to the highest level and through his professional experience he has spearheaded the company carving a successful path. Always demonstrating a high level of business acumen but maintaining exemplary ethical values… plus remaining customer focused at all times whilst ensuring that the quality of service and customer interaction is of paramount importance. 

His willingness to share good practice and assist with the implementation of new strategies makes him a unique business entrepreneur, hence always willing to research new initiatives and review findings in a very open and fair manner. His wealth of knowledge is an extremely valuable tool for employees’ and colleagues alike when seeking general advice or specific guidance across all areas.