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Health Screenings

Private Male & Female Health Screenings

SK Private Healthcare offer a comprehensive range of medical screening plans for both male and female health. This is a great way to check your overall wellbeing or can be an invaluable tool for employers to check the health of their workforce.

Essential Assessment

Our Essential Health Assessment gives you a picture of where you are right now, quickly and conveniently from an experienced nurse.

It's geared towards the young and young-at-heart, before hectic lifestyles start taking their toll. As well as your vitals, we'll conduct tests that assess your overall health and wellbeing. Therefore easily identifying changes you can make to your diet and exercise.

We've also built in time to look at some things we often put aside for another day: cardiovascular risk, your emotional health and other things that might have been overlooked.

Select Assessment

Our Select Health Assessment is ideal for those settling into the comfortable rhythm of family life - when you've a lot to juggle in your life and planning for the future is always on your to-do list. This timely 'body MOT' will help you stay one step ahead of your health status. It includes an in-depth, two-stage consultation with both a doctor and a nurse, to give you a rounded picture. You will come away with a personalised medical report approved by a GP.

As well as checking your vitals and looking at your lifestyle, the consultation discusses your general health and physical condition, including your heart, circulation and major organs. There's time built in to discuss anything that's niggling you, like aches and pains that make you feel old before your time.

It also touches on the things that become bigger concerns as we age, like testicular and prostate cancers in men and breast and gynecological cancers in women.

Advanced Assessment

Our Advanced Health Assessment is an in-depth look at your health and wellbeing, including your heart and lung function, and comprehensive blood tests for your calcium, liver and kidneys. It's completed in just a couple of hours and is ideal if you're starting to feel the effects of a life lived to the fullest.

You'll be seen by both a doctor and a nurse. They'll check your vitals, discuss your diet and lifestyle, offer time to talk about your emotional health, and conduct a comprehensive string of tests, including a look at your cardiovascular and nervous systems.

There's also a head-to-toe physical exam - including inspections for possible cancer risks, like moles and lumps, the things you may not notice overtime - and time built in to talk about niggling aches and pains too.

Advanced Plus Assessment

Our Advanced Plus Health Assessment is conducted with a doctor and a nurse and covers everything from your physical health - basic things like blood pressure and aches and pains - to your emotional wellbeing, diet and lifestyle. It also includes a head to toe physical exam and a look at your cardiovascular and nervous system too.

Among the tests there will be a comprehensive blood analysis to detect illness and possible disease in your thyroid, liver and kidneys. All SK blood tests are analysed in our validated labs. This assessment also includes an exercise ECG to test your hearts ability to cope with exercise and stress, reported on by a cardiologist.

Please find details of our available Health Screening plans below and relevant pricing: 




Advanced +

Es Se Ad Ad+
Medical and lifestyle questionnaire





Lifestyle consultation with nurse





Personalised medical report





In depth Consultation with doctor





Physical examination with doctor





Blood pressure





Resting heart rate





Body Mass Index BMI (height to weight ratio)





hip to waist ratio





Body fat %





Urine analysis (3 tests for diabetes infection and kidney function)





Resting ECG





Faecal Occult Blood – over 40 (may indicate bowel Cancer)





Lung function tests





Cardiovascular tests





Blood Tests
Lipid (cholesterol )profile





Glucose level (blood sugar)





Diabetes Check HbA1c





Full blood count





Kidney function





Uric Acid (Gout)





Liver function










Thyroid function test (TSH)





  Details Price
Essential Male / Female (blended) £305.00
Select Male / Female (blended) £560.00
Advanced Male / Female (blended) £775.00
Advanced Plus Male / Female (blended) £945.00
Additional Test
Digital Mammography
If requested and where clinically indicated (women aged 40-73) £220.00
PSA (including in Advanced & Advanced Plus Male Assessments) £195.00