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Breast & Prostate Scans

Private Mammography / PSA Tests

In addition to our Male and Female health screening plans, we are also able to offer additional testing if requested and where clinically indicated.

Mammography / Breast Scan (Female)

If requested and where clinically indicated (women over 40)

At SK Private Healthcare you don't have to worry or wait if you require peace of mind regarding breast screening. You can refer yourself for a private mammogram.

Regular breast screening enhances the likelihood of early detection and successful treatment of breast cancer. Screening is carried out by a mammography. The mammogram can detect small changes in breast tissue which may indicate cancers that are too small to be felt either you or your doctor. A mammogram is carried out by a radiographer who will position your breasts on the specially designed mammography machine. In order to obtain a good, clear picture the breast must be held tightly between two pieces of plastic. You may find the scan uncomfortable or painful as the breast tissue needs to be held firmly to ensure a good image is obtained, but this will only last a few seconds. Both front and side images of the breast are taken. After the scan you’ll be able to go home immediately.

Cost £245.00

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Prostate PSA Screening Test (Male)

A PSA test is a blood test that measures the total amount of protein produced by the prostate. All men have a small amount of the PSA protein in their blood and the amount of this protein increases with age. A raised PSA level may suggest you have a problem with your prostate, but not necessarily cancer.

Cost: £195.00

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Alternatively please get in touch with one of our specialist team to book today - 0151 733 3000