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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some of the most commonly asked questions relating to our medical reporting service. Nevertheless, please don't hesitate to get in touch should you have any further queries.

SK Medical Practice has been established for over 20 years delivering the highest quality independent medical legal reports and rehabilitation services to Solicitors and their clients.

Our independent medical expert will provide a medical report detailing the injuries you sustained in your accident. The expert will provide his option on how long you will take to recover and any rehabilitation you require.

It is essential to your claim that you attend this examination.

You will receive your medical examination via either telephone or letter and email. You will also receive a text message prior to the examination.

You should arrive 10 minutes prior to the stated examination time.

Appointment times vary depending on the specialty of the expert. Examinations with a GP tend to last approximately 15 minutes however, appointments with an Orthopedic Surgeon, Psychologist etc. tend to vary in length on a case by case basis.

Please take a form of identification with you to the examination. Preferably containing a photograph such as a passport or driving license. If you don’t hold either of these, then a recent bill or statement containing your name and address details.

This can vary depending on the speciality of expert and the type of accident you have had.

Certain examinations will require a physical examination.

The expert will ask you a number of questions regarding your accident and progression of your symptoms and it is imperative that you include all of the injuries you sustained following the accident.

You may also be requested to complete a questionnaire prior to the examination taking place.

Please note, no treatment will be provided at the examination however the expert may recommend this in his medical report.

If you cannot attend your appointment, please contact SK Medical Practice to arrange a more convenient appointment. Nevertheless we do stress the importance of trying to attend your original appointment to avoid any delay in your claim.

If we have sent you a medical consent form, this is because the expert is required to review your medical records to assess if any past history may be relevant to your recovery. Please complete the form of authority and send back to us as soon as possible to avoid any delay to the process.

A report is produced by the medical expert using the information given at the examination, his expert opinion plus a review of medical records. (if your solicitor has requested these to be reviewed)

Once the expert has sent us the report, this will be forwarded immediately to your solicitor after passing our own quality checks. 

Your solicitor will contact you once in receipt to discuss its contents.