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API integration

API Integration

SKMP offers all of our customers the opportunity to integrate with us via our in-house developed API.

We developed this software with a clear objective in mind - to bring the power of workflow automation and data integration with third party software, Proclaim.

Benefits of integrating with SKMP include:

  • No internal developers or coding required, as our experienced developers will guide your IT team through the whole process
  • Full A2A available from instruction, appointments, to receiving the full report breakdown including every tariff and non-tariff injury details
  • Less touches from your file handlers as the API will do all the of work
  • Online 24/7
  • Improved data integrity
  • Speed up efficiency
  • Autonomous
  • Secured bank level encryption on HTTPS
  • Rapid and responsive data exchange
  • Client portal for transaction history
  • Full integration in under a week!

Please get in touch with SKMP today should you wish to take advantage of our API software -