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Xpert Hub

Industry Leading Portal

SK Medical Practice has developed the industries leading appointment portal for medical experts to add appointment availability via the SK Xpert Hub.

The portal allows medical experts to manage their own on-line diary and access relevant information for all SK Medical Practice cases in one dedicated bespoke facility.

This Xpert Hub is the largest appointments system in the industry, housing over 500,000 MedCo appointment slots and is fully integrated with other portals such as easy slot. This allows experts to add availability to one system and populate the other.

The benefits of using the SK Xpert Hub include:

  • 24/7 availability.
  • Manage all of your SK Medical Practice appointments on-line.
  • Add your future availability in single and batch appointment sessions.
  • Add recurring day appointment slots to save time should you visit certain clinics on the same days i.e. Rodney Street, Liverpool every Saturday.
  • View all your booked, available and unattended slots immediately via your personalised dashboard.
  • Add numerous report templates to the Hub.
  • Upload and send your reports directly from the portal.
  • Hold your documents such as CV, ICO certificate, Professional Indemnity plus any other relevant documentation and sample reports in one secure place.
  • Receive automatic emails reminding you that your MedCo accreditation is due to expire and ICO certificate needs renewing.
  • Increased Instruction volumes.
  • Free to all MedCo accredited experts!

Medical Experts can register to use the SK Xpert Hub via the link below or visit

If you have any questions or require assistance, please call 0151 733 3000 or email